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For modern day cupids data replaces dating

Late in the fall of 1998 I received a call from an old friend, J. “Would you be interested in doing some data analysis?

Some weeks, I try to abstain from wanking and some weeks I treat my body like my own personal amusement park.Obviously, abstaining from masturbation is the more difficult of the two tasks, however, with a little will power I managed to pull off a week of no ejaculating here and there, enough to make some general observations about my behavior as it relates to the dating world.The first noticeable observation when abstaining from masturbation was that I was definitely more horny. However, I believe that having that feeling of pent up sexual tension helped me to approach and talk to more women, as well as be more sexual around them.For instance, as opposed to approaching and having a casual friendly conversation, I was likely to use more sexual innuendos and be more direct about my intentions.The second big observation from abstinence was my level of motivation.

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Dating terms were once packaged in a palpable set that included “pinning,” “necking” and the like.

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