Girls and dating tips

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TRUTH: Discussing stuff you have in common will make you feel connected.

However, it's also key to talk about interesting personal experiences and hobbies that are different from his.

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TRUTH: Smile at him, but then wait for him to come to you.According to experts, being exposed to new and exciting things increases the chemical dopamine in our bodies, and that in turn builds interest and passion.At Serbian we are committed to providing you a safe and friendly environment where you can comfortably meet that special someone.We've got some tips to make sure you are cool and confident and ready to have the best first date ever! Even if you and your guy talk all the time, the first moment of a Real Date is nerve-racking — so much buildup!Keep your cool and calm his jitters by giving him a warm hi and a quick hello hug.

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If you think he might pick up the check or don't know how much food to order, ask him what he's getting and choose a dish around the same price. If he really insists on paying, thank him and say you'll buy him ice cream next! Don't rush out of the car when he drops you off — move closer to him and keep eye contact. Play it cool and let him reach out to you: Texting first can seem overeager.

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