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R java not updating eclipse

However, does anyone know why would not get generated for a brand new android project, where I have made no manual modifications whatsoever? goto android sdk manager and check if android sdk tools is installed if not install the same. will also be not generated if you have errors in your resource files. Check the Android Manifest file and see if the activity names match the classes in your source folder. So cross check again Make sure your project is free of errors and problems. Solution: ensure that each fragment is only added once to an activity.Android provides nice editors to edit Android resource files, unfortunately these editor are not always automatically used due to bugs in the ADT.When I create a new android project in Eclipse, and I choose to have a default main activity, my file does not get generated.I have seen some questions online and on this site about not being generated but all are due to some manual action/mistake that had to be corrected during the development of the application.An Android virtual device provides by default only 64M for the storaging Android applications.

The communication with the emulator or your Android device might have problems.If that happens, you can open this editor manually.Right-click on your menu file and select Sometimes the emulator will refuse to install an application with the error message: INSTALL_FAILED_INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE.The fact is that probably you're missing the Android Build tools. If you already updated the SDK tools, re-open the SDK manager and check under the "Tools" section that "Android SDK Build tools" are installed and eventually, update them. and also check whether did you update necessary sdk packages and specially the android tools to the newest version. This problem generally occurs when you update SDK manager but it's not permanent. you clean the project, it will remove the R file from the gen folder and re checking the resources and re generate the R file.

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Select therefore the DDMS perspective via Caused by an attempt to load the same fragment twice.

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