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Sex breeding

Mean age of first reproduction was 7-yrs for both sexes, but females showed an earlier median and a larger variance than males.We found an age-related improvement in breeding success at the population level responding to the selective appearance and disappearance of phenotypes of different quality but unrelated to within-individual aging effects.

Secretly, slaveowners would impregnate enslaved women and when the child was born and grew to an age where he could work on the fields, they would take the “very same children (of their) own blood and make slaves out of them,” as pointed out in the National Humanities Center Resource Toolbox on Slaveholders’ Sexual Abuse of Slaves.

Here are a few tips that can help you sex and breed silver dollars.

The anal fin is longer in males than in females, and it's usually red on the leading edge.

When male silver dollars are interested in available females, they'll develop two black or smudgy dark dots behind their gills on each side of their bodies.

When silver dollars are ready to breed, the male becomes the pursuer.

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Silver dollar fish are distant cousins to the piranha — and, in fact, they're native to the Amazon River — but they're herbivores and they're harmless. They can grow up to 6 inches in length and they're delightful to own.

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