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As court proceedings against Paul get underway, things actually appear to be turning in his favour - a violent incident that lands Dee in the hospital helps encourage sympathy in the press, and from the public, while a crucial piece of new evidence even suggests that he might indeed be innocent.

So it's a very bad time indeed for the first cracks to show in Marie's previously steadfast faith in her husband.

I kept stealing glances at my wife's tight, black yoga pants which were clinging to the contour of her ass like a second layer of skin.

A thin seam in the fabric ran down her crack toward a small cameltoe hump that was just barely visible as she bent down to check the zipper of her travel bag.

She's an Irish Italian mutt, just like me, and it shows in her pronounced facial features and her fair skin.

But writer Jack Thorne chose to tell a larger story about not only the man but his family, and the impact that the whole affair has on them, and Channel 4's BAFTA contender is all the richer for it.First comes the testimony of a very convincing Rebecca Thornton () - one of her husband's accusers - which comes not on the witness stand, but in the ladies' loos.Then there's the brutal interrogation to which Marie is subjected by Paul's cutthroat barrister Zoe (Kerry Fox) - director Marc Munden pulling closer and closer on Walters as the questions grow ever more invasive and a feeling of claustrophobia grows, for the audience as well as Marie.) encourages Paul to lie on the stand and admit to sex with Rebecca, since it's a "better story" than the lily-white picture that protesting his total innocence would paint.But the revelation that Paul did not confess It's strong stuff - and we still have Paul's trial itself to come in next week's concluding instalment.The question is left hanging as to who will be stood at his side when he's finally in the dock, with Marie drifting from her husband just as he rebuilds his relationship with Dee.

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The college-aged girls in line, who were only an hour or so away from going "wild," were boring in comparison with their straight ponytailed hair and boyish shapes.

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